The overarching aim of our entire approach is to reduce the risk of returns and enhance the perception of refurbished vs new.

This is especially important given our belief that we can significantly move the needle on digital inclusion at scale by utilising redundant IT equipment whilst also tackling our global environmental challenges. 

> 12 Months warranty is offered on each device

> We provide a hassle-free replacement of any devices that develop mechanical faults (that are a direct result of our workmanship) within 3 business days - the customer will receive a device with similar performance specifications

> A mechanical fault is defined as an issue related to a fault or failure of the hardware of the device that is out of the user's control (ie malfunctioning trackpad or port, camera stops working, etc)

> A mechanical fault that develops due to breakage, drop-age, or liquid damage would not be covered under the 12-month warranty

> If a device is opened or tampered with by the user / 3rd party this would invalidate the warranty

> The customer is instructed to backup any files, folders, documents, etc prior to returning the device as the drive will be erased when we receive it to protect their privacy

> Software issues are invariably more complex and can be caused by lack of operating system updates or missing drivers - our first port of call when this arises is to troubleshoot remotely with the customer and if further investigation is needed we arrange for the device to be returned to the warehouse